The aim of the Female Coaches’ Development Programme, is to:

  • Give potential female football coaches,
  • with limited or no pre-knowledge,
  • a base to start the coaching career from,
  • where a holistic approach will be highlighted as a natural part of the leadership.

Through an increased number of female coaches, we are aiming for football to become:


    We want girls and women to get access to be part of football family. A strong network of competent female leaders will be able advocate the girls’ equal rights to take their space in the field.


    Football becomes attractive when practices and games are made challenging and fun. Competent coaches with a positive leadership, is the foundation of growth and development.

  • SAFE

    Girls must feel safe in the football environment; safe not only from sexual abuse but also protected from injuries. With an increased number of female leaders the risk for sexual abuse is decreasing, and with competent coaches many injuries can be prevented.


    Increased knowledge and confidence is turning a follower to become a leader who breaks new ground. To create a greater change we need to work togehter with a common vision, and the network of support and competence becomes a foundation from where women’s football can grow, and more girls and women get access to be part of the football family.